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Cryotherapy is quickly becoming a leading wellness and recovery routine used by millions around the world.  Whole Body Cryotherapy is the brief exposure to ultra low air temperatures in a fully enclosed, insulated room or chamber with the intention of activating the body's natural response to extreme cold in a convenient way.  While this sounds painful, it is much more comfortable than a cold plunge or even a cold shower.  This is because whole body cryo uses hyper cooled, oxygenated air rather than a fluid such as water to cool the body.  

The benefits of whole body cryo are numerous and include elevated mood, increased energy, better sleep, toxin break down, lowered stress, reduced exhaustion, increased stamina and endurance and possible weight loss!

Canyon Physical Therapy is proud to announce the addition of whole body cryotherapy to our clinic!

Click the link below or contact our office to schedule today for $30 per session.

**Call the office for special package pricing on multi sessions**

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